Many “experts” still recommend server-based systems…

Server Efficiency
from a statistical survey of public practice accounting firms by K2E Enterprises

From our perspective, for most small businesses the idea of using a server-based network seems ludicrous today – unless you’re in the business of installing and supporting networks. 

In fact, small businesses relying on local server-based networks are likely more vulnerable to attacks like the ones that many Canadian municipalities are faced with. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in your systems and hold your data for ransom threatening either to destroy it – or sell it if it contains confidential information. 


It used to be that even 2 or 3 person accounting firms used a client server architecture or some sort of “peer-to-peer” network that added a layer of complexity. In fact it usually meant getting IT support from a local IT specialist.

In the 1990s I set up a peer-to-peer network myself. When I had some issues I called in a local IT specialist. He showed up in my office, removed all the network cards from our 3 workstations…and disappeared for 3 days.

I quickly got frustrated, put the old (supposedly “non-working”) network cards back, re-configured the network and got it back up in a day or so.

Fast forward to 2019 and the internet has become everyone’s “peer-to-peer” network – but GOOGLE – MICROSOFT or DROPBOX do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to IT support…


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