Cloud-based Collaborative Tools


DropBox™ and


I use both DropBox  and because  our clients use them. They allow us to access our clients’ data online.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular of the online file storage applications and many of our clients use it. It is also part of the G Suite of online office applications that allows us to use gmail with a custom domain name – and works well with WordPress™, which we use for our websites.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is provided free with Office 365 – our office suite of choice. It also works well with WordPress™.

Apple iCloud

I currently use an iPhone since the cellular coverage in my Port Coquitlam, BC office is spotty and I was forced to use an iPhone if I wanted to take advantage of my carrier’s Wifi Calling feature. Like Microsoft with OneDrive – Apple has its own proprietary online storage solution. Admittedly I haven’t tried it.

Sophisticated Online File Storage Using a NAS Device

Our key online file storage and collaboration system is based upon our Synology DiskStation™. Currently we have staff in a number of different locations in British Columbia, one in Toronto, Ontario and another in the Philippines.

Synology offers a number of hardware configurations that allow companies to easily set up a shared drive and synchonize files between individual PCs over the internet.


You can log in over the internet with any connected device or use a PC running:



Linux (Ubuntu or Fedora)


The system is easy to use and offers a great deal of flexibility and control.



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