We began life as a small CPA firm servicing startups and local technology companies. Many of them used an approach to product development that they called AGILE DEVELOPMENT…

AGILE development replaced the waterfall model that was traditionally used before agile came into favour in software development companies. The Waterfall Model resembled the approach to writing a business plan that was taught to me in college, when I first studied accounting:


  1. Very Smart Person Has An Idea
  2. The Smart Person Conducts A Great Deal Of Research
  3. He or She Puts Together A Team To Develop
  4. The Team Completes Development
  5. Tests To Ensure That The New Product (Or Business Plan) Is Internally Consistent And Meets Design Specs
  6. Deployment (Go To Market)
The problem with this approach is that the seventh step is most often failure – i.e. no one is really that smart.

An Agile Approach to Business Administration

It was clear to me that technological change has drastically altered many of the fundamentals of running a business in 2020. Unfortunately much of the business advice that today’s small business owner receives is firmly rooted in the past – from the time their bookkeeper, accountant – or the “entrepreneur-in-residence” at the local business incubator – went to school. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that very small businesses have very few resources and can’t afford to waste time with bad advice.




1. Records Management for Digital Records

Maintaining records is different when records are digital instead of paper-based. First of all, records typically occur naturally in digital form. For example online banking has meant that banks already record transactions. That is a big part of what bookkeepers used to do. The RECORDS MANAGEMENT ANALYST is concerned with accessing digital records, storing them and ensuring that they can readily retrieved and compiled or used by the appropriate people.

2. Systems Design for Small Teams

The cloud has changed everything.

It allows for collaboration with team members across the province or around the world. It also has eliminated much of the IT support that was necessary to maintain paper files and later, computer networks.


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