EXERCISE THREE – Accounting Technicians & Bookkeepers (NOC 1311)

In this section we’ll start by looking at online job postings for bookkeepers on INDEED.COM…



QUESTION ONE: Review the requirements for each of the listed bookkeeping positions. Which positions specify a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) designation?

What about the CB or RPB designations?

QUESTION TWO: Review the CAREER PROFILE  for Accounting Technicians & Bookkeepers (NOC 1311) at WorkBC. Then contrast the ATC academic qualifications of PBA CANADA and the INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL BOOKKEEPERS OF CANADA “IPBC” (below).

Do you think that most entrepreneurs would be comfortable to entrust their tax planning and compliance to a certified bookkeeper?

Does IPBC recommend that CPBs provide income tax preparation services to the public (see below)?

Does the ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE appear equivalent to the CPB designation?

Does PBA CANADA permit ATC associate members to provide services to the public?

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