Training & Certification in Records Management

RMA – Records Management Analyst

A set of 8 self-study courses available online and designed to be an online reference guide for our own advisory and professional accounting staff, some of these courses will also be available for our small businesses clients and their own administrative staff. 



For professional accountants with foreign certifications, the RMA program allow them to develop local knowledge as they work in public practice as outsourced accountants or part-time controllers.

This course of study will also serve as an opportunity for bookkeepers or others employed in industry or public practice, who wish to advance in their careers, and develop well-rounded skills akin to what MBAs bring to our largest businesses but with a practical focus on our smallest businesses.

Unlike an MBA, an RMA works with the freelancers, small teams – and with the small CPA firms that work with them. Together these small businesses represent the backbone of our economy.


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