RMT Certification


Entry-Level Training & Certification in Accounting & Finance

RMA – Records Management Associate

A set of 7 self-study courses available online designed as a reference guide for professional accountants with foreign certifications, to allow them to develop local knowledge as they work in the industry as outsourced public accountants or part-time controllers.

This course of study will also serve as an introduction for people employed in industry or public practice who wish to assist more experienced staff in performing accounting, finance and tax compliance functions.

After completion of the 7 core courses, associates may wish to study the 5 university transfer courses (see RMT – Records Management Technician below).

RMA certification is offered in conjunction with employment in industry or in public accounting. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the exam, with the approval of your employer and RMT CANADA. 

RMT – Records Management Technician

When combined with a foreign accounting designation and at least 2 years of relevant local experience, records management technicians can work as an outsourced accountant in industry or an accounting  technician in public practice. 

For staff looking to pursue a more advanced certification, the 5 university transfer courses will count towards the following credentials:

  • Undergraduate university degree
  • PBA (see note below)
  • CPA
  • ACCA
  • CFA
  • CBV
  • CAFM
  • Accounting technologist program at a college or university

NOTE: Foreign-designated accountants with an RMT certification may meet all of the requirements for membership in a provincial PBA association.