Simple Working Papers for CPAs

theBOOKS© is a simple, but effective replacement for Caseware that eliminates the need for specialized software and expensive annual licenses…

The structure is straightforward and resembles manual working papers that pre-date PCs. In that way it is similar to Caseware. When Caseware was developed in the late 1980s, there was no such thing as “cloud” anything. Applications were built for client-server systems that even small CPA firms were starting to use.


Today things are a lot different. Firms are small and distributed. My firm has staff across the Province of BC … and across the world, in the Philippines. My office is virtual and I use web-based conferencing software to meet with clients, and review files with staff…

Like many of my colleagues I need a solution that can readily be shared and doesn’t have “synching” challenges.

I don’t want to learn a specialized reporting tool – I’m already using Microsoft Word and Excel which are far more powerful and more easily extended. However it will also work with GOOGLE SHEETS™ and LibreOffice™.

So, while we’ll focus primarily on using Microsoft’s EXCEL, we’ll also show you how to use alternatives that may have advantages for your firm.



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