3 Key Courses for Marketing, Communications & Design

1. the Art of Digital

In 2009, while working as a senior manager with PwC in Vancouver, I arranged and put on an art & poetry show with a visual artist and former Governor General’s Award Wining poet – the late Joe Rosenblatt – at Douglas College in New Westminster. The show was called either SYNERGY: WORDS + IMAGES – or DIGITAL JAM (if you asked me). At the time I had been working with CORELDRAW™ producing digital artwork for about 4 years.

Then 2 years later I had some artwork selected for an exhibition by a group of about 8 or 9 emerging artists at the PACIFIC NATIONAL EXHIBITION in Burnaby, British Columbia. I think they actually paid me about $1,750 for my efforts – of course it cost me about twice that for materials, to say nothing of my time. Most important for me though, was that the selection committee censored my artist statement.

It did my aging heart good to know that I could still offend well into my middle age. Though I was amazed at what offended them.

I said something like: ” artists work to see God, or to have more or better sex…”. (I was being a little cheeky there – having been faithfully married about 16 years at the time). However I still believe that the best art is driven by an attempt to find meaning in life. At any rate I had to change the reference to “God” to get in the show.

During my experimentation with digital artwork, I learned a great deal about images as digital records. I learned how to convert bit-mapped images into vector images that could then be enlarged without losing resolution…

In any event managing digital images for reproduction is a records management function that has relevance to businesses that need to create logos, communicate visually, build websites and so on.

In this course we will work with images that find online and manipulate them so that can be used in business communications and marketing materials. Just for fun we’ll also play with some late nineteenth and early twentieth century artwork that is now in the public domain and can be used in marketing materials – or just printed, framed and mounted in your home or office.

We’ll also look at some interesting online tools that have graphic elements created by skilled designers that can be used and / or manipulated royalty-free.

2. Small Business Statistics

Effective marketing starts with understanding your market. This is just as true for small CPA firms like ours – and for your own small business. Once again, almost all of the information is available online – free of charge.

3. Web Design

Over the years we have built our own websites – using various flavours of WORDPRESS™, which accounts for 34% of ALL websites in the world – and more than 38% of the top 10,000 sites…

Given it’s popularity, WordPress™ is in our view, the best bet as a platform for web design. We will try to share some of what we’ve learned the hard way, over the last 8 or so years…



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