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Taking Our Rightful Place As Advisors To Business

This course is geared both to CPAs in practice and their clients. Participants can lead their clients through the answers to frequently asked questions like:

  • When should I write a business plan?
  • Can I expect to use it to raise money?
  • Which structure is best for our company?
  • Which accounting software should I use?
  • Is my company a growth business?
  • How do I go about raising money from investors?
  • What about government money for my startup?
  • Is there good business planning software out there?

When I first began as an accountant in practice, I made a commitment to focus on tax as opposed to business advisory services. Over the years I have watched as everyone seems to be getting into the act of providing tax, accounting, structuring and general business advice to small business.

I have seen my fellow CPAs being overlooked for their general business knowledge in favour of a host of self-proclaimed experts. They exchange “free” business advice in order to create traffic, get referral fees or sell software, consulting services, online subscriptions – or simply to be seen as doing something for small business in the case of governments.

The problem is that good business advice has to be context-specific.

I find it particularly galling to see the former owners of failed businesses hired as “entrepreneurs-in-residence” for government-funded incubators or to see government bureaucrats providing testimonials for small business planning and management webinars.

Small Business Advice

Business Advisory Services for Small Businesses


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