3 Finance & Accounting Courses for Freelancers, Small Teams & their Advisors


1. theBOOKs©

Recordkeeping is the new bookkeeping. 

This short course is a simple hands-on introduction for small businesses and their advisors to leverage existing financial records to simplify the financial accounting process for our smallest businesses – using standard spreadsheet software (Excel™ – GOOGLE SHEETS™ – OpenOffice™, etc).

2. Cloudware©

For part-time controllers and CPA firms preparing simple compilations for their small business clients, today’s full-featured spreadsheets in concert with quality cloud-based storage, can do a better job of systematically preparing working papers in support of their client’s financials. This approach is not only much less expensive, it is better for collaboration with remote teams – AND it eliminates the need to learn single-purpose programming languages like CASEVIEW™.

3. Tax & Regulatory Compliance

Professional accountants used to pay a lot for tax information services. Today, all of that information is available online – FOR FREE.

As a former senior manager, tax services with 2 of Canada’s largest firms, I like to go back to legislation, before advising clients. We needed a better approach for training our accounting staff – particularly professionals from foreign designations or with little experience in taxation.





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