3 Finance & Accounting Courses for Freelancers, Small Teams & their Advisors


1. theBOOKs©

Recordkeeping is the new bookkeeping. 

This short course is a simple hands-on introduction for small businesses and their advisors to leverage existing financial records to simplify the financial accounting process for our smallest businesses – using standard spreadsheet software (Excel™ – GOOGLE SHEETS™ – OpenOffice™, etc).

2. Cloudware©

For part-time controllers and CPA firms preparing simple compilations for their small business clients, today’s full-featured spreadsheets in concert with quality cloud-based storage, can do a better job of systematically preparing working papers in support of their client’s financials. This approach is not only much less expensive, it is better for collaboration with remote teams – AND it eliminates the need to learn single-purpose programming languages like CASEVIEW™.

3. Tax & Regulatory Compliance

We needed a better approach for training our accounting staff – particularly people coming to accounting & tax as a second career or designated professionals from foreign jurisdictions with little experience in Canadian taxation or compliance.

As professional accountants we used to pay a lot for tax information services. Today, all of that information is available online – FOR FREE. As a former tax auditor and a former senior manager in tax with 2 of Canada’s largest firms, I still find it necessary to go back to the legislation, before advising clients. In this course we start with an overview of key legislation – the INCOME TAX ACT and the EXCISE TAX ACT – which is arguably the most complex legislation in the country.

We provide access to online courseware and interpretative publications. Students will study these sources themselves and receive mentoring from colleagues in our firm. The goal is not mastery. Instead we encourage research and collaboration.





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